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Crakrevenue affiliate network.

CrakRevenue is a relatively new adult affiliate program run by a team of successful affiliates in the adult market. Not only do they run pay sites, but tube sites as well. Needless to say, they know their niche and how to find success in it. With a wide range of offer types, it is possible to earn hundreds – even thousands – of dollars a day through CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue Review

More than 50 CPA, CPS and CPL offers are available at CrakRevenue. All of these offers relate back to the adult niche in some way and cater to a range of adult sub-niches, including hardcore, amateur, teen, fetish and more.
Aside from webcams, VOD and dating offers, affiliates can also promote the TestoStrong testosterone supplement, which is designed to enhance a male’s sexual performance.
Most of the adult offers are focused on adult dating and cam sites. Popular cam site offers include:
  • 4Flirt – 25% revenue share
  • My Free Cams – PPL offer – $2.50 per lead
  • Easy Dating Exposed – $50 earned per sale
A number of mobile offers are also available through the CrakRevenue network. With mobile web browsing becoming the wave of the future, these special offers provide affiliates with a chance to promote to any visitor regardless of which device they are using.
Quite a few offers target international traffic, which means users can monetize traffic from all over the world and never leave money on the table.

How Payouts Work

Just like any other affiliate network, CrakRevenue pays affiliates a commission based on the type of offer they promote. CPA (action), CPL (lead) and CPS (sale) offers are all available through the network.
CrakRevenue uses the usual Net-30 payment method, but affiliates will only receive payment after they have earned at least $100. Affiliates who request a wire payment will need to earn at least $500 before they can receive payment.
Payouts are delivered via check, wire or Paxum twice each month and are paid in USD. The first payment period runs from the 1st day of the month until the 15th, while the second runs from the 16th until the last day of the month. Providing you reach the minimum payout requirements each pay period, you can expect to be paid every two weeks.
New affiliates will notice that their PPL programs are capped at 50 leads a day per PPL program for a minimum of 5 days. CrakRevenue states that this cap is only in place until they “get to know you better.” After this trial period, you will be granted full access.

Stat Tracking

CrakRevenue offers affiliates a user-friendly dashboard that displays their account’s most important stats at a glance. Not only can you see your daily earnings, but you can also see which countries your earnings are coming from, how many hits your offer has received and a summary of your earnings. Stats are updated every hour, so you always have the latest information. All data can be exported into a .CSV file for easy viewing and tracking.
Affiliates can also view detailed stats of each program, including conversion rate and chargebacks. With so many stats at your disposal, you can determine which offers are earning you the most commission and where your earnings are coming from with ease.
Sales are tracked using your own unique affiliate ID and trackers allow you to tag traffic sources, campaigns and ad positions. This allows you to determine where your hits are coming from and how well offers are converting.

Earning Through Referrals

CrakRevenue’s referral program allows affiliates to increase their income in a hands-free way. Any time a new affiliate signs up using your referral link, you will receive 5% of their income for as long as they remain a CrakRevenue affiliate.
The more referrals you send, the higher your revenue will be. If your referral earns just $50 per day, that equates to an extra $912 per year in passive income.
The CrakRevenue affiliate program is a great way to monetize adult traffic. Affiliates who receive large amounts of international traffic will appreciate the variety of geo-specific offers available through the network. The ability to generate earnings through CPA, CPL or CPS offers allows you to make the most out of your site’s traffic. With an easy-to-use platform and a wide range of offers, affiliates can finally find the success they are looking for.
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